“You’re My Person” Charm Necklace, inspired by Grey’s Anatomy

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    • ¾” round, shiny silver, embossed soft enamel charm
    • “You’re my person” engraved on one side of the charm
    • Vividly-colored tumor picture engraved on the other side as drawn by Derek and Meredith
    • 18” elegant, tarnish-resistant, shiny silver chain, plated in rhodium
    • Beautiful representation of soul mates and Grey’s Anatomy
    “You’re my person,” hardly needs an explanation. Whether they’re your Derek Shepherd or your Cristina Yang, your person will support you and stay with you through thick and thin. If you murdered someone, they’d help you drag the corpse across the floor. They will even help you solve those tricky problems, like the perfect tumors, and let you draw them out on their wall. Gift this charm necklace to show your person the unique role they play in your life.