Yellow Peephole Frame Keychain and FRIENDS Notebook Set

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  • $19.95

  • Set Includes Peephole Frame Keychain and Notebook
  • Keychain- Polished nickel with double sided yellow Frame, 4.25 in (11 cm) including 4-link chain
  • Notebook- 5 x 8 inches, 150 lined pages. Cover features Frame and reads “Everything I Know in Life I learned from FRIENDS”
  • The Notebook includes a compilation of 30 quotes from the show at the bottom of each page written using the FRIENDS font.
  • Perfect for any fan! What a great way to carry your favorite Friends memories in your everyday life! 


The Yellow Peephole Frame on the door of Monica and Chandler’s apartment is the most memorable prop on FRIENDS, maybe on television!  Now it’s available both as a beautiful polished nickel keychain and on a notebook! These are great gifts, especially for someone you care for whose life has been enriched by FRIENDS. Slip the keychain in your pocket and use the notebook while learning about life from the whole gang.