“World’s 2nd Best Lawyer” Tumbler, as seen on Better Call Saul

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  • $24.95

  • 17 ounce yellow tumbler, first seen in season 2, episode 2, “Cobbler”
  • Features “World’s 2nd Best Lawyer” with red and black imprint on one side
  • Acrylic exterior and stainless steel interior with non-spill plastic lid
  • A funny gift for any fan or lawyer
  • Perfect start to the day with your favorite coffee
Jimmy’s girlfriend Kim gifts him with this tumbler, with tongue-in-cheek, after a stellar performance, telling him that “Second is still good”. But the tumbler won’t fit into the cup-holder in his flashy new and expensive car. Was the Universe sending Jimmy a message that shiny new cars and big prestigious law firms are not where he is meant to be – that beat up Suzukis and an office in a rundown nails salon will be his destiny? No need to stay tuned, right?