"What If You’re Right And They’re Wrong" Fish Poster

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  • 21” x 16” (53cm x 41cm), High Quality Paper, 80.0 lb. House Silk Cover
  • Replica of Lester’s basement poster once splattered by his dead wife’s blood
  • Image features a cartoonish school of yellow fish swimming one way, with 1 red fish swimming in the opposite direction, reads “What If You’re Right And They’re Wrong?”
  • There’s nothing like this gruesome poster to inspire you to be yourself
  • Whether you hang it on the basement wall like Lester or not, this is a must have for obsessed Fargo fans

The reoccurring fish theme throughout Fargo Season 1 begins with this poster found in Lester Nygaard’s basement. This adorable cartoonish poster was meant to inspire, but after killing his wife, it soon became Lester’s new delusional mantra. Much like Lester, we too found inspiration in this blood splattered poster. Unlike him, however, we managed to resist our dark urges… hopefully you can too!