"Welcome to Pawnee" T-Shirt

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• Tan t-shirt with classic tourist-inspired “Welcome to Pawnee” printed on front

• Gildan Dryblend, 50% Polyester, 50% Cotton, Made in the USA (Ron would approve)

• ‘Pawnee’ print composed of 4 of the city hall murals depicting the city’s history

• Show your support for Pawnee and the its hilarious events by proudly wearing this attractive shirt

• The perfect gift for all Parks and Rec fans and art admirers alike

The city of Pawnee has an… interesting… history. Full of stories that are definitely not PC. The city, however, seems proud of them. Proud enough to paint commemorative murals in City Hall. The most notable murals, depicted on this Pawnee shirt, include: “Pawnee Zoo” (where there was once a Jewish man on display); “Sunday Boxing” (the spontaneous bout between the Reverend and the first female high school graduate who looks like a prostitute); “Turnbill Manson Wedding” (when a marriage between a Wamapoke Indian chief and white woman turned into a bloodbath); “Spirit of Pawnee” (showing Native Americans pushed to the side, Irish selling liquor, women dumping it out and Native Americans drinking it, and Chinese naturalizing by eating burgers). Now you can show your love of Pawnee and its unique history by proudly wearing this souvenir t-shirt!