Walter White Let's Cook Apron

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LET'S COOK - Inspired by Walter White's alter ego, symbolizing his stunning transition from meek chemistry teacher to Scarface-in-training drug lord
Unleash your inner alter ego by wearing this apron any time you step into the kitchen.

HIGH QUALITY - This 35” x 28” apron is meant to be used, enjoyed, and loved. More than just a decoration, this apron is the perfect present with a practical purpose.

A PERFECT GIFT - Make your friends feel a part of the squad with this Breaking Bad inspired cooking apron. This accessory is the perfect gift for any Breaking Bad fan.

COOL TV PROPS - Surprise your own friends with Breaking Bad gifts from Cool TV Props. Breaking Bad is line for line one of the best shows out there. Keep a reminder of your obsession with the show with our Breaking Bad inspired merchandise!

MADE IN THE USA - Proudly manufactured in the United States.