"Treat Yo Self" Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt

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  • $5.00

• “Treat Yo Self” printed in pink and white block letters, with pink cupcake

• Women’s V-Neck, Royal Blue

• Gildan 100% cotton, Made in U.S.A. (Ron would approve)

• Wear this t-shirt and remember: you don’t have to just go to the spa and the mall: Treat Yo Self to anything your heart desires

• A great gift for Parks and Rec fans, friends, and family in need of a Treat Yo Self day!

Once a year, Donna and Tom treat themselves to whatever they want, no matter how ridiculous or unnecessary they are and now you can too! Whether it’s crystal beetle brooches, an outfit that makes you a cashmere-velvet candy cane, or a full batman costume, have yourself a Treat Yo Self day sporting these t-shirts. Get one for everyone you want to spend the day with to make it a complete Treat Yo Self event!