Litchfield Prison Poster, inspired by Orange Is The New Black (15.5 x 21 inches)

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  • 15.5” x 21” 80lb House Silk Cover paper
  • Inspired by the legend of the chicken referenced in Orange is the New Black
  • Black and white background gives the orange chicken prominence in the midst of the chain link fence
  • Never give up hope in the search for your own chicken with this dramatic poster
  • Perfect gift for all OITNB obsessed fans!


"There are no chickens around here, except for one. They say she lived on a farm near here. Till one night... the night before all the other chickens were slaughtered she escaped. She's been out there ever since... living of the land. Living on her wits." — Gina Murphy

Leave it up to Litchfield’s inmates to believe in a legendary chicken with magical abilities that no one has ever been able to catch! Whether they wanted to catch it for food and its magical abilities, its drugs, or its candy, the chicken represented both the desire for and the impossibility of freedom. The “I Want to Believe” quote a reference to a poster seen on the X-Files. It signifies the theme in which the main character is hopeful yet tortured that the truth was out there, shrouded in conspiracy, but waiting to be uncovered, as the Litchfield inmates are hopeful to discover the chicken. Remind yourself to never give up looking and searching for your own chicken with this artistic take of the legend.