Sweetum’s Gumball Candy Jar, inspired by Parks and Recreation

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  • $18.95

  • Filled with gum balls in three colors: white (bubblegum flavor), pink (bubblegum flavor), and blue (blue raspberry flavor)
  • Packed in an attractive 16oz. reusable glass mason jar with a silver color lid
  • Sweetum's logo printed on one side
  • Enjoy sugary goodness in every Sweetum’s gumball
  • Cute, colorful gift for sugar addicts, children, and Parks and Rec fans!


"If you can't beat 'em, sweet 'um."

Although Leslie has her concerns about the ingredients Sweetums uses and their health effects, it's better to tread lightly than rock the boat with Pawnee's largest employer. Nonetheless, these perfectly sweet gumballs in cheery white, pink, and blue will give you both a sugar high and a cute reminder of the quirky city of Pawnee!