Sheldon Cooper's Apartment Flag (3' x 5') and Handheld Flag (5.5" x 8.25")

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QUALITY: Sheldon Cooper’s Banner is sure to deliver on laughs! This full color, one-sided tapestry is made with a durable, fade-resistant polyester material.

BONUS: As an added bonus, when you purchase Cool TV Props Sheldon Cooper’s Banner, you will also receive a handheld Sheldon Cooper Flag!

SECURE: Sheldon Cooper’s Banner features two stainless steel grommets for easy assembly and hanging. The banner measures 3’ x 5’ and the bonus handheld flag is 5.5” x 8.25”.

A PERFECT GIFT: Make this the official flag of YOUR apartment! Inspired by the obsession that Sheldon Cooper has with flags, now you too can have your very own copy of the flag he designed for Leonard! Sheldon Cooper’s Banner and flag is the perfect gag gift for all the flag fanatics in your life.

COOL TV PROPS: Have fun with flags and surprise your own Leonard or Sheldon Cooper with a gift from The Big Bang Theory.