Ron Swanson Is My Spirit Animal, Keychain Inspired by Parks and Recreation

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    • Polished black nickel keychain measures 4.75 in (12 cm) including 4-link chain
    • Reads “Ron Swanson Is My Spirit Animal” under a caricature image of Ron himself.
    • Ron doesn’t take crap from anybody and is the epitome of a real man… who wants all the bacon, all the time... That’s why he’s your spirit animal and now you’ll have the keychain to prove it.
    • Comes in a white gift box
    • Great gift for any Ron Swanson or Parks and Rec Fan!


Ron Swanson is an extraordinary gentleman. He lives a simple yet happy life. He has powerful words of wisdom, and he doesn't take crap from anybody, especially not the government. He loves meat, woodworking, riddles, hunting, whiskey and breakfast foods. He's perfect! That’s why he’s your spirit animal. Let this keychain help you find your inner Ron Swanson!