Petre Devos Robot Poster (20” x 14.5”)

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  • 20” x 14.5” (50.8cm x 36.8cm), High Quality Paper, 80.0 lb. House Silk Cover
  • As seen in Sheldon and Leonard’s kitchen
  • Reproduction of an 1930’s ad for a Flemish brewery in Oudenaard
  • Depicts a pint glass-headed, thirsty Barrel Bot from the future, loving his frothy brew, reads “Audenaerde Petre Devos”
  • A must have for all Big Bang Theory and beer fans; No geek-chic room would be complete without this Sheldon Cooper-approved poster
Sheldon Cooper may prefer “Diet Virgin Cuba Libres” or Long Island Iced Teas when he does drink, but that doesn’t mean he can’t find amusement from this gleeful beer-robot; approved wall décor in his and Leonard’s kitchen. The Audenaerde Robot is a perfect blend of frisky alcoholism, futuristic intentions, and geek-chic imagery. Your own copy will look great in your kitchen, bar, or sci-fi inspired room!