Pam and Jim Teapot Tea Towel

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THE OFFICE TOWEL – There’s no TV show love quite like the relationship Jim and Pam have. This Office memorabilia is designed after Jim’s iconic teapot gift for Pam in S2E10 which was filled with tiny gifts based on their inside jokes.

LOVE LIKE JIM AND PAM – Be Jim Halpert and let your own Pam Beesly feel special with this decorative white dish towel. Along with the tea pot print, the flour sack towel reads “I love you like Jim loves Pam” – and what’s truer or sweeter than that?

PRACTICAL QUALITY – This 28”x29” towel is meant to be used, enjoyed, and loved. More than just a pretty and romantic decoration, this towel is the perfect present with a practical purpose. Enjoy a daily reminder of your endless love.

DUNDER MIFFLIN GIFTS – The Office TV show accessories are always a delight because the show is simply so charming. See for yourself why this high quality fun hand towel is the best present your Jim or Pam could ask for!

COOL TV PROPS – This practical design is the best for, well, the best. You don’t need to wait from season to season to proclaim your love, you just need to bring home the right decor for your Jim or Pam.

High-Quality Office Love
This Jim and Pam teapot tea towel measures 28” x 29” and is made of a high-quality screen-printed flour sack with an appropriate quality both for work and for show. Jim’s present was no ordinary teapot and it was for no ordinary person, so make sure your teapot towel inspired by The Office is of the same high quality for that incredible person in your life.

The Perfect Present
More than just a towel with a teapot on it, this towel also reads “I love you like Jim loves Pam”. This gift is great for your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend, and it works for any holiday, from Christmas to Valentine’s Day to a birthday or anniversary or, well, just because. Show your love the right way with the right present.

Dunder Mifflin Gifts
This is a tea towel that fans of The Office are sure to love. There’s no present quite like The Office show merchandise, gift the right present for that person in your life who’s special like no other.

Jim and Pam Teapot Tea Towel
We can all agree that Jim and Pam had the most romantic TV relationship even before they were married. The print on this Office TV show tea towel is designed after Jim’s teapot gift for Pam way back in S2E10, which was filled with tiny gifts and inside jokes. Gift your loved one this teapot tea towel, and show your fellow Office fan just how much they mean to you.