Michael Scott "Catch You On The Flippity Flip" Apron

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CATCH YOU ON THE FLIPPITY FLIP - Who could forget the iconic moment of Michael Scott trying to shoot in a 3 pointer from behind his back. Remind yourself of that hilarious scene with this Michael Scott inspired apron.

HIGH QUALITY - This 35” x 28” apron is meant to be used, enjoyed, and loved. More than just a funny decoration, this cooking apron is the perfect present with a practical purpose.

PERFECT GIFT -- The Office TV show accessories are always a delight because the show is simply so charming. See for yourself why this high-quality cooking apron is the perfect present for your favorite cook!

COOL TV PROPS - At Cool TV Props, we love cool things from your favorite shows. This cool, iconic present is the best for, well, the best. Surprise your friends, fans of The Office TV series, or treat yourself with this awesome kitchen apron from Cool TV Props.

MADE IN THE USA - Proudly manufactured in the United States.