Michael Scott Bathroom Set of 3 11x14 Inch Poster Prints

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YOU KNOW HOW I BE: Based on everyone’s favorite boss from Dunder Mifflin, the Michael Scott Bathroom Set of prints is the perfect gag gift for any fan of The Office. The classic sitcom, The Office, had some particularly funny quotes, and now you can laugh along with all of your favorites with bathroom decor art prints!

HIGH QUALITY - Our 11” X 14” Friend’s TV show print is made with 100 lb classic linen solar white paper and can easily be hung as decoration on any wall. The beautiful linen finish added after printing gives it the perfect touch of extra elegance.

A PERFECT GIFT - Enjoy the best inside joke. Do you miss the endless laughs The Office brought you? Remind yourself of your favorite show with these hilarious posters inspired by the one-and-only Micheal Scott.

COOL TV PROPS - Surprise your own Michael Scott with memorable The Office Merchandise. The Office is line for line one of the funniest and best shows out there. It creates so many smiles and so many memories. Keep those memories with you with any Dunder Mifflin inspired merchandise!

MADE IN THE USA - Proudly manufactured in the United States.