Life Lessons Poster, inspired by How I Met Your Mother (36” x 24”)

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    • Measures 36'' x 24'' (91cm x 61 cm), 80lb high quality paper stock with satin cover, glossy finish
    • Includes 18 lessons the HIMYM gang learned and lived by
    • Decorated with visuals of memorable moments, including The Slap Bet, Marshall’s Pineapple, the Ducky Tie, Puzzles, Robin Sparkles, the Yellow Umbrella, the Blue French Horn, and more
    • Hang this poster in so many places your friends will hold a Life Lessons Intervention
    • Perfect wall decoration for fans of How I Met Your Mother


    “Kids, let me tell you about the time I hung up the Life Lessons Poster. It was Legend… wait for it…"

    This will be the beginning of your story when your kids ask you why this Life Lessons Poster is a treasured wall decoration in your home. Make sure to explain what a mixtape is, and why you always need one to get psyched.
    Hang up this poster today, and remind yourself of the important things in life, like nothing good ever happens after 2am, and you should play laser tag once a week.

    “…dary. Legendary!”