Jouets Poster as seen in Monica’s Apartment on Friends (25” x 36”) or (15" x 21")

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  • Large Measures 25" x 36" (64cm x 91 cm), printed on high quality archival paper
  • Small Measures 15” x 21” (38.1cm x 53.3cm), printed on high quality archival paper
  • Prominently displayed over Monica's TV throughout the Friends series
  • Reproduction of the 1896 Parisian department store advertising poster for children’s toys
  • Perfect addition to a children’s room or adding vintage flair to any space!
  • Must have for all Friends fans!


Originally an 1896 advertising poster for a Parisian department store selling children's toys and clothes, this poster hung over the TV in Monica's apartment throughout the Friends series. Hang this poster on your wall for an elegant and vintage reminder of the laughs and good times you have during every episode of Friends.
Now if only you had purple walls…