Joey and Chandler Quotes Poster

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FRIENDS JOEY AND CHANDLER POSTER -- The bromance between Chandler and Joey was one for the ages. It survived breakups, football games, ducks, chickens along with general shenanigans. Never forget the memories made because of the famous bromance between Joey and Chandler with Friends TV show decor of their best and funniest quotes.

HIGH QUALITY -- Joey and Chandler’s bromance was high quality, and so is this tv poster. Don’t miss a quote! Printed on high quality 80 lb, 24” by 16” card stock, with a satin cover and glossy finish, our friends show decor is the perfect gift for the Chandler Bing or Joey Tribbiani in your life.

ICONIC QUOTES -- Decorate your living space with Friends tv show decorations from your favorite comedy duo. Whether you’re looking for cool dorm room posters, Friends decor, or some vintage tv show wall decor memorabilia from your favorite 90’s sitcom, look no further than this premium Joey and Chandler poster.

PERFECT GIFT -- CoolTVProps provides fantastic Friends TV show gifts for women and men alike. Anyone who loves this classic show will want to keep special friends TV merchandise and memorabilia with them. Don’t give your best friend a best buds bracelet-- gift your Friends TV show merchandise for the Joey or Chandler in your life.

COOL TV PROPS -- Friends posters are something special because the show itself is something special. Friends brings so many smiles and creates so many memories-- relive those memories, episodes and friendships with Cool TV Show Friends home decor. The perfect addition to your home or dorm room.