Jim & Pam Kitchen Towel Set

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THE OFFICE TOWEL - Let's face it, we all wanted our own teapot after Jim gave Pam that special Christmas gift in Season 2 of The Office. This Kitchen Towel set is designed after the iconic teapot filled with a sentimental letter that Jim wrote to Pam.

HIGH QUALITY - These 18”x32” towels are meant to be used, enjoyed, and loved. More than just a decoration, this towel is the perfect present with a practical purpose.

A PERFECT GIFT - Be Jim Halpert and let your own Pam Beesly feel special with this The Office dish towel. This sentimental set is the perfect couples gift.

COOL TV PROPS - Surprise your friends with The Office gifts from Cool TV Props. The Office is line for line one of the funniest and best shows out there. It creates so many smiles and so many memories. Keep those memories with you with anyThe Office inspired merchandise!

MADE IN THE USA - Proudly manufactured in the United States.