It is Your Baby Shower Banner

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IT IS YOUR BABY SHOWER – Head your own Party Planning Committee, even if it’s your party! This take on the classic baby shower banner will leave everyone speechless and amused – and what more do you want from Office merchandise?

HIGH QUALITY – This The Office party supplies banner is made of clean, crisp, thick vinyl, is waterproof and stain resistant, and can easily be wiped clean and rolled up for storage.

IMPACTFUL SIZE – This banner is a bold statement on a bold sign. Printed on a vinyl banner 6’x15" ( 6 feet by 15 inches), this big beautiful size will catch the eye and create smiles whether you’re holding a reception or marrying the receptionist.

DUNDER MIFFLIN GIFTS – The Office TV show accessories are always a delight because the show is simply so charming. See for yourself why this high quality banner is the perfect present for your Jim Halpert or Pam Beesly.

COOLTVPROPS – This cool, funny present is the best for, well, the best. When that special day comes around, make it even more special with just the right addition from Cool TV Props