I'm Going To Need A Stiff Drink Wine Glass

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I’M GOING TO NEED A STIFF DRINK WINE GLASS - David’s journey on Schitt's Creek, though filled with challenges, might be one of the most dynamic character arcs in the show. After attending a traditional Schitt's Creek tailgate, David delivers this line to sum up his attitude towards the party. Feel like you’ve been in this situation before? Then you’ll love the inspiration behind this wine glass.

I’M OBSESSED WITH THIS - Known for his designer wardrobe and melodramatic attitude, David Rose knows how to make a statement. Equally impressive are his comedic and beloved lines that perfectly capture his relationships with friends and family. Channel your inner David and serve yourself a drink, even if it’s not a stiff one, in this wine glass.

A PERFECT GIFT - Sip along to your favorite TV show with this Schitt's Creek inspired stemless wine glass. Crack into your favorite wine and show off your love for the show. Perfect to include in a care package to your best friends or wine club.

COOL TV PROPS -- You’ve laughed and cried with the Roses for six incredible seasons. Now, you can relive the best moments of the series with delightfully fun references to the show, and share with friends. It’s what David Rose would’ve wanted.

MADE IN THE USA - Proudly crafted in the USA.