“I’m Your Idiot,” His Her Couple Pillowcase Set, inspired by the Big Bang Theory

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    • Includes 2 pillowcases: white, standard size, 180 Thread Count, 60/40 Blend
    • “You’re An Idiot” printed on one pillowcase, in Big Bang Theory red and black
    • “I’m Your Idiot Forever!” printed on matching pillowcase, in Big Bang Theory red and black
    • What better way to lovingly insult your significant other than with this pillowcase set?
    • Perfect gift for your Howard or Bernadette and all Big Bang Theory fans!
    When you explain that you have to play Dungeons and Dragons for your marriage to work, you’ll most likely get called an idiot, just like Howard did. But, he had the best, and most romantic, response possible! Now you can remember this comeback to your partner’s loving insults every time with this set of pillowcases, printed in Big Bang Theory colors. And when you want to call them an idiot, just switch the pillow sides, simple as that!