I Love You Like Jim Loves Pam Scented Candle

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THE OFFICE – There’s no TV show love quite like the relationship Jim and Pam have. This Office memorabilia is inspired by the burning love shared by Jim and Pam. Set the perfect mood by candlelight, just like on Jim and Pam’s first date.

LOVE LIKE JIM AND PAM – Be Jim Halpert and make your Pam Beesly feel special with this soy vanilla-scented wax candle. Sway (or dance) together, like Jim and Pam, just like the flame.

PRACTICAL QUALITY – This 3.5” candle is meant to be used, enjoyed, and loved time and time again. More than just a pretty and romantic decoration, this candle is the perfect present with a romantic purpose. Enjoy a daily reminder of your endless love.

ALL NATURAL OFFICE SOY WAX CANDLE – The Jim and Pam soy wax candle is made of black soda lime glass and features a bamboo lid. It is non-toxic and its vanilla scent burns cleaner than paraffin with no petrol-carbon soot.

MADE IN THE USA / RECYCLOPS APPROVED - This candle is non-toxic and features an earth friendly bamboo lid. Even Recyclops would approve!