How to Live a Fabulous Life According to Karen Walker Poster, Inspired by Will and Grace (24 x 16 inches)

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  • $14.95

  • Measures 24in x 16in (61cm x 40.6cm)
  • High Quality, 80.0 lb. paper, Silk Cover
  • 25 of Karen Walker’s best one liners from the hit TV Show Will and Grace.
  • Featuring Karen perched on her ever present martini glass.
  • A must have for every Will and Grace fan!

“That’s like saying Pradas are just shoes or Vodka is just a morning beverage!”

Karen Walker, the irreplaceable assistant of Grace Adler, tells it like it is and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Her favorite things in life are alcohol and drugs. She’s so rich she doesn’t know what to do with her time, and ends up in hilarious situations with her best friends - Jack, Will and Grace.

This poster features many of her wildly funny one-liners that you can use in your daily life and be fabulous like Karen Walker.

“Sorry I’m late, I got here as soon as I wanted to.”