Dwight Schrute Quotes Poster

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BASIC HUMAN NECESSITIES – All you need is love? False. The four basic human necessities are air, water, food and shelter. And also a poster of classic Dwight quotes from The Office TV show, all printed on high-quality paper and with a silk cover.

UNDIVIDED ATTENTION – We couldn’t handle Dwight’s undivided attention. That’s why this The Office TV show merchandise poster is filled with 24 of his greatest quotes. Enjoy these classic words of wisdom from everyone’s favorite assistant (to the) regional manager.

DON’T CARE WHAT JIM SAYS – This The Office Memorabilia Dwight Schrute poster can be hung up anywhere in the office, the cubicle, or at home. It’s one of those TV show posters everyone will love. We’re 99% sure.

PLUS A LITTLE EXTRA – You’ll like all the Office quotes on this poster. Plus a little extra. Also you’ll love all the classic Dwight memorabilia from the Office show on the poster.

COOL TV PROPS – Office posters can be fun, funny, inspirational. The Office posters, especially those with Dwight’s words of wisdom, are all that and more. Enjoy your Cool TV Props, but don’t be nostalgic – that’s one of the great human weaknesses, a fact we learned from Dwight.