Dwight Schrute Air Freshener

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THE OFFICE – Be the greatest Assistant to the Regional Manager with this Dwight Schrute Air Freshener. Use it to cover up your favorite Office-inspired smells, such as: Phyllis’s “real pine” perfume, the manure of Schrute Farms, or Kevin’s stinky feet.

“CLEAN AND FRESH” SCENT – Mask that “distinct old man smell” of Creed with this “clean and fresh” Air Freshener inspired by your favorite Office character. This is the perfect gift to bring a smile to your face again and again.

PRACTICAL QUALITY – This Office Themed Air Freshener is in full color and is double-sided.

PERFECT FOR CAR, HOME, OR OFFICE - Keep your car smelling fresher than Michael’s Smell-Alike Drakkar Noir cologne. Eat that egg-salad sandwich like Oscar without fear with these air fresheners hanging in your cube.

COOL TV PROPS - At Cool TV Props, we love cool things from your favorite shows. This cool, funny present is the best for, well, the best. Surprise your co-workers or fans of The Office with this awesome Air Freshener from Cool TV Props.