Dwight and Angela Megaphone Keychain

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ABOUT THE GESTURE – Sometimes a gift is really about the gesture, what it means. Not like a ham, but like a key ring chain with a mega phone like the one Dwight used to propose to Angela with.

WOMEN ARE LIKE WOLVES – Ok, not every line in the show has aged well. But you know what will? This 1.9” keychain made of polished brass and with an enamel color filling. Better than a bobblehead and more than decor, this is a present that can last.

JAZZ IS STUPID – The people of Dunder Mifflin brought so much funny into the world, and so much love into our lives. Everyone remembers Jim and Pam, but this relationship could give them a run for their money. Or at least a Dundie Award trophy.

BEST PRESENT EVER – What’s better than bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica? Not much, except a gift that could rock the house (or maybe the farm) for Christmas, a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just because.

ALSO I LOVE YOU – This Cool TV Prop is the best for, well, the best. You don’t need to shout your love from Scranton, you just need to bring it home in a custom printed box to bring joy to your D or your Angela.