Dire Wolf Air Freshener, inspired by Ghost on Game of Thrones

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  • $6.95

  • Pine scented
  • Cut out, 3" air freshener, printed in the USA
  • Featuring cartoon Ghost on Front, Black with Ghost’s name on back
  • Great for making your car, room, or any space smell woodsy
  • Perfect gag gift for anyone rooting for the Starks on Game of Thrones!


"The runt of the litter! That one's yours, Snow." ―Theon Greyjoy to Jon Snow

Jon Snow's dire wolf, Ghost, is one of the fiercest protectors in the series and now he can be your companion as well! Hang this air freshener up in your car or truck and sit back as Ghost ferociously combats any odors in your vehicle with a fresh pine scent! This item is a huge hit with wolf lovers and Game of Thrones fans alike, especially those who support the house of Stark!