Phil’s-osophy Poster: Life lessons from Modern Family’s loving dad - Phil Dunphy (24” x 16”)

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  • 24” x 16” (61cm x 40.6cm), High Quality Paper, 80.0 lb. House Silk Cover
  • A collection of all the life lessons brought to you by Modern Family's Phil Dunphy
  • Inspired by the hard bound book Phil gave his daughter Haley as she heads off to college
  • Humorous tips delivered in "cool dad" style
  • Makes a great gift from loving parents or for any fan of the show!
Like any loving dad, Phil Dunphy is concerned about daughter Haley as she heads off to college. (S4E2, Schooled). But, he loves her, so he’s letting her go free… because she’s not a tiger. In her new freedom what could be a more appropriate gift than a compilation of his life lessons to help her deal with the problems she will undoubtedly face? Display these hilarious and maybe not-so- deep Philisms on your wall and remember:

“When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life with be like ‘What?!?’”