Captain Future Poster, as seen on the Big Bang Theory (36” x 24”)

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  • Measures 36'' x 24'' (91cm x 61 cm), 80lb high quality paper stock with satin cover, glossy finish
  • Prominently displayed in Sheldon and Leonard’s living room
  • Depicts Captain Future – “Wizard of Science” from the first comic book publication in 1940
  • A must have for all Big Bang Theory fans and geeks alike!
  • No geek-chic room would be complete without this Sheldon Cooper-approved poster

Captain Future was a science fiction hero – a space-traveling scientist and adventurer – from the hit comic series published from 1940-1951. This poster is the background image for the first issue of the Captain Future series: “Captain Future and the Space Emperor,” published in 1940. This “Wizard of Science” embodies Sheldon’s own love of empirical, scientific fact, and is a fitting item on his apartment wall. Style your home like Sheldon; you don’t have to live by all of Sheldon’s Roommate Agreement, but it will make it indisputably “Your Spot.”