Blue Sky Candy-Filled Test Tubes, 3 Pack, inspired by Breaking Bad

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  • $14.95

  • Set of 3 plastic test tubes, each measures 4” long, and is printed with "Respect the Chemistry"
  • Containing Cotton Candy flavored Blue Rock Candy, inspired by Heisenberg’s signature Blue Sky recipe
  • ‘Confiscated’ test tubes in mock police evidence bag labeled with “EVIDENCE by the ABQ Police Department”
  • Makes for fun, unique, and delicious party favors
  • Perfect gift & stocking stuffer for any Breaking Bad fan!

"They're rocks."-Marie Schrader.

But these aren't just rocks: they're rock candy. In test tubes no less. It seems as though the Albuquerque Police Department has gotten a hold of some of Heisenberg’s signature Blue Sky, but we’re sure they won’t miss it if you take it off their hands! Whether they're a present for a friend, a party favor, or the perfect accessory to a Halloween costume, these candy-filled test tubes are certain to give you a sugar high!