Barney Stinson’s Brobib, as seen on How I Met Your Mother

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  • 15” H (38cm) x 11” W (28cm), 100% washable polyester
  • Printed suit image, with long white string ties, styled like Barney’s “Classic” brobib
  • Your suit needs protection when you eat or drink: protect it with this stylish bib
  • Barney’s bro-spired masterpiece is suitable wear for dinner parties, weddings, or black tie events!
  • Now available in real life, this is the perfect gift for all HIMYM fans, Barney wannabes!

“Every once in a great while, someone invents a new product so ingenious, so grand, so sweeping, that it alters the way we live, the way we interact with each other, the way we view the world. My friends, the day has come and the product… is BroBibs.” -Barney

The Classic design, in three-piece suit attire, helps you “bib up!” while you sit down for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Take one to the dining room and one to the conference room. Better yet, keep one in your briefcase so you’re always prepared!


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