Global Wholesale Program

We offer an attractive selection of over 40 products from three popular TV shows at wholesale prices that permit you to price competitively and earn a good return on your investment and favorable profit margins. And many of these products are exclusive to Cool TV Props, unavailable from other producers.

There are three ways we can work together which are as follows:

  1. We can ship products in bulk to your warehouse where you can package them for delivery to your customers.
  2. We can package products in tubes, boxes, polybags etc. and send them in cartons to your warehouse, ready for labeling and shipping to your customers.
  3. We can drop ship to your customers. You make the sale and collect the payment from your customers, then forward the orders to us for shipment directly to them.

We work with a variety of clients, which include Think Geek Inc., The CBS and TBS on-line stores, and websites that have an on-line shop, often in the national language of their country of origin.

We suggest that you view our product line as well as learning more about us. We hope you will find either our Global Wholesale Program or our Affiliate Program (under Affiliations and Partnerships) to be beneficial to you, and we look forward to hearing from you. 

Please contact me as follows:

Emily Spencer

Marketing & Sales Manager

Cool TV Props