Legendary T-Shirt, inspired by Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother

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  • Front reads “It’s going to be LEGEN… (wait for it)”
  • Back reads “DARY.” in white
  • Clever use of the front and back of the shirt represents Barney’s famous catchphrase and his unique delivery
  • Color: Black, Gildan 100% Cotton t-shirt, Printed in the USA
  • A legendary gift for all HIMYM fans and Barney doppelgangers!

“It’s gonna be Legen… Wait for it…”

Barney loves the word Legendary and its meaning of an awesome experience. He wouldn’t be the Barney we all love without his constant play on this word and his timing when to drop the “-Dary.” Like the time he sent Ted an urgent office memo ‘cause they were working together, or added drama for a truly dromedary pun, or when he didn’t need to include the “wait for it” at his and Robin’s wedding because he already had her. Wear this T-Shirt and start your own Legendary schemes today!

“… Dary. Legendary.”