“IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY.” Banner, as seen on The Office

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  • $23.95

  •  6’ x 15” (1.8m x 38cm) vinyl banner
  • “IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY.” printed in black
  • Includes 6 metal grommets for easy hanging without tearing the banner
  • As seen on The Office and designed by Dwight Schrute
  • Perfect celebration banner for both office and personal parties alike! 

Jim: “It is your birthday. Period. Not even an exclamation point?”

Dwight: “It’s a statement of fact. This is more professional. It’s not like she discovered a cure for cancer,”

Maybe Dwight and Jim shouldn’t have headed the Party Planning Committee, but that doesn’t mean Dwight’s “It is your birthday” banner wouldn’t be great for your next birthday party! Fact: this banner will set the mood for jokes, pranks, and plenty of laughs, just like every episode of The Office. We promise - your party will be fun, even if it’s at the office. Period.