“Only With My Oxygen” Jumbo-size Coffee Mug, inspired by Gilmore Girls

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    • 16 oz. Ceramic Latte Mug, Color: Ocean Blue
    • “you like coffee?” / “only with my oxygen” printed in white on each side
    • Gilmore Girls inspired font with coffee bean imagery
    • Drink your coffee like a Gilmore with this soup bowl-style mug
    • Great gift for your friends or family who like coffee with their oxygen!


    “How about coffee. You like coffee?” - Max
    “Only with my oxygen.” - Lorelai

    Every Gilmore Girls fan knows of (and probably shares) Lorelai’s crazy obsession with coffee. Capture the heart of your overly caffeinated loved ones with this Gilmore Girls coffee mug! Complete with the fast-paced dialog between Max and Lorelai (S1E5), this coffee mug will remind you both of the always relatable Gilmore Girls, and will be your life-saver when it’s a jumbo coffee morning.

    “Coffee Coffee Coffee”