Intervention Banner, as seen on How I Met Your Mother

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  • Dimensions: 6’ x 15" Vinyl Banner (1.8m x 38cm)
  • Includes 6 metal grommets for easy hanging anywhere an intervention is needed
  • “INTERVENTION” printed in red on white banner, as seen on HIMYM
  • Must-have for all interventions you need to hold for your gang
  • No HIMYM collection is complete without the banner that corrected Barney’s frequent use of magic tricks and Ted’s pretentious pronunciations


Remember those times when Marshall created charts for everything, Ted was going to marry Stella who was in love with her ex, Barney trying to bang chicks dressing up as an old person? Yes, we have all seen it, yelled at our TV about it, and updated our Twitter/Facebook status on it. Finally, one by one Ted, Lily, Marshall, Robin or Barney held an Intervention to save their friends. Well, it is YOUR time hold an Intervention for your friends who, let's admit it, need to get over ordering pizza every night for a month, and their constant skipping down the sidewalk singing “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.” However, it probably won’t be needed for your new puppy’s small bladder or Netflix’s asking you if you’re still watching HIMYM. Whatever they do, you know it requires an Intervention, but be careful not to end up needing an intervention from it yourself!