Yellow Peephole Frame Magnet (3” x 3”), inspired by the one on Monica’s door on Friends

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  • $14.95

  • Handmade by local artisan, same vintage look as on the show
  • Miniature frame inspired by the one on Monica’s door
  • Measures 3” x 3” (7.63cm x 7.63cm) exterior dimension, 2” x 1.75” (5cm x 4.4cm) interior dimension. Material: resin
  • Two strip magnets attached to the back: enables decoration of even filing cabinets and metal doors!
  • Frame your BFF’s pic with this sentimental magnet!
Bring a reminder of all the funny and endearing moments from the hit TV show Friends to your home with a miniature version of the peephole frame on Monica’s apartment door. This is the #1 collectible item from the show. In the last episode the camera closes with a shot of the door and peephole frame, leaving us with all the memories of the Friends we love. This decorative item will be a hit with anyone, especially fans of the show. It looks great as an understated peephole decoration, on a metal door, refrigerator, or filing cabinet!