"Respect The Chemistry" 400mL Beaker Mug, inspired by Breaking Bad

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  • Made of borosilicate (laboratory) glass, Light-weight and durable
  • 12oz (400mL), easy to read graduations measure up to 350mL
  • Silk-screening imprint of “Respect the Chemistry,” inspired by the Periodic Table of Elements, paint won't chip or fade
  • Microwave and oven proof, dishwasher safe: top rack recommended
  • Makes a great unique gift for Breaking Bad fans and chemistry students and teachers!

Walter White’s knowledge of chemistry sets him up to make his potent Blue Sky meth and become the king of the drug industry. What better way to remember Walter’s legacy than with this Beaker mug, featuring his “Respect the Chemistry” belief! Better yet, it’s glass, which is just how Jesse describes Walter’s formula:
"This is glass grade. I mean, you got... Jesus, you got crystals in here 2 inches, 3 inches long. This is pure
glass. You're a damn artist! This is art, Mr. White!" –Jesse

"Actually it's just basic chemistry, but thank you, Jesse. I'm glad it's acceptable." -Walter

This unique beaker-turned- mug is a great gift for all Breaking Bad fans and science professors and

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