Laurel and Hardy Poster as seen in Joey and Chandler’s Apartment on Friends TV Show (36” x 24”)

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  • Measures 36'' x 24'' (91cm x 61 cm), 80lb high quality paper stock with satin cover, glossy finish
  • Depicts a monochrome photo-still of Laurel & Hardy from the 1928 movie “Leave Them Laughing”
  • Displayed in Joey and Chandler's living room
  • Don’t give a best buds bracelet: this is the perfect gift for the Chandler to your Joey.
  • Hang this poster on your wall and leave all your friends laughing!

 This iconic black and white Laurel and Hardy poster depicts the dynamic duo in “Leave Them Laughing” one year before they became the comedy team they’re known as today. Fittingly, this poster hangs in Chandler and Joey’s apartment; they are another equally formidable slapstick duo! Whether designing your room with a vintage flair, or reflecting your love of the sitcom, this poster will bring both visual appeal and laughter to any viewer!