What show should you watch next?

What show should you watch next?

We all like our shows, but sometimes they experience bad seasons, losing our interest. Maybe they’ve been over for years and we’ve binge watched every season again and again, but there comes a point when we have to move on to something else, if temporarily. Sometimes we just need something new.

Do you have your back up shows ready? If not, try one on this list:


  1. If you love Girls:

Broad City

These two characters are experts at expressing young adult life. Just like you followed Hannah’s trials on Girls, you’ll follow Abbi and Ilana.

 Girls HBO fans should watch Broad City


  1. Modern Family Fans:


An entrepreneur who runs a dating site takes in his newly divorced sister and her daughter.

Why: The trio in Casual is just as crazy as the gang in Modern Family, and offer up relatable hilarity.

 Modern Family fans should watch Casual


  1. If you’re obsessed with Big Bang Theory:

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch was a successful lawyer, plenty of money and smarts. But she’s also slightly crazy. Rebecca’s trying to find love, and thinks she knows who with, just like Leonard. This show is equally as ROFL funny as Big Bang.

Big Bang Theory fans should watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend

  1. If you need more Scandal in your life:

Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan is Hollywood’s “fixer”. There may be more pulp fiction elements, but Ray’s methods may be just as effective as Olivia Pope’s. You tell us.

Scandal fans should binge watch Ray Donovan 


  1. If you miss Breaking Bad:

Mr. Robot

A hacker gets recruited by a hacking ring to bring down a powerful corporation. Just like Walter White is illegal but likeable, this hacker may be breaking some laws, but you’ll be on his side.

Breaking Bad fans should binge watch Mr Robot 


  1. How I Met Your Mother stills gives you the feels:

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

A group of crazy friends working at a pub in Philadelphia. They get themselves into tight situations from which they might learn lessons, always have each other’s back… at the very end of the day, and plenty of jokes to accompany.

HIMYM fans should binge watch It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia 


  1. The Office was The Bomb Dot Com:


These teachers are just as inappropriate as Michael Scott. ‘Nough said.

The Office fans should start Teachers 


  1. If the Friends theme is your theme:


Thee friends, not six. In San Francisco, not New York. But they all stick together through the craziness that is relationships and life.

Friends fans should start Looking 


  1. If True Detective cancellation rumors have you crying:

Ripper Street

After Jack the Ripper’s final murder… is he really done? That’s what these detectives are searching for.

True Detective fans should binge watch Ripper Street 


  1. Orange is the New Black is the best:


Pre-Civil War, a group of slaves in Georgia tries to run to freedom in the North. Like OITNB portrays life in federal prison, Underground gives insight into the life on plantations. It may be a period drama, but you’ll find yourself invested in the characters nonetheless.

OITNB fans should watch Underground


Not interested in any of these? Tell us what you're watching!


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