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And here I thought I would be done with cliffhangers, for one night of calm, collected TV viewing.Or did CBS just plan to air this sort of episode the day following the Breaking Bad series finale? Lily first finds Ted’s list of things to do before he leaves NY; things he needs to get out from his hat before he runs from (sorry, moves on from) the city he knows and loves. Talk to his upstairs neighbor about her thuddy shoes. Buy all of MacLaren’s a drink.Share a special shot of scotch with Barney. Secrets come out from the woodwork...

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  And because I’m not a big bad Fox subscriber, it looks like I’m crashing Winston’s birthday instead of Elaine’s wedding. Though we do get a decent preview of her lovely…ah…adornments. Morning-after-Nick (see, getting better with the name thing) tries his hardest to impress Jess right off the bat—until her father shows up on their doorstep. Today of all days, no less. For Elaine’s wedding, no less. On Winston’s birthday, no less.  While Jess spends the morning scrambling for her friends and co-workers, Nick and her father find themselves bonding into the afternoon; and panicking when he finally reveals he...

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     I still wonder if Barney and Robin are literally “uncle” and “aunt”? Time will tell come Ted’s own wedding! The episode begins, however, with The Wedding. Barney and Robin’s wedding, that is, along with the clash of the wedding planners, Lily and Ted. I should have assumed an architect would have a knack for color coordinating. After the engagement, we learn Barney never asked Robin’s father for his daughter’s hand. Turns out, her father transformed from “frightening” to “fun” in his mid (ehem, very late late) life-crisis. It still didn’t make Barney’s asking for permission any easier; even...

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