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Five pages of notes later, I’m reviewing my second Breaking Bad episode and seriously considering starting from Season One. I have to say, a mix of the episode—and then everyone’s reactions to the episode—made the finale experience. I vaguely understood what happened in the first half of this episode, last Sunday, and from what I could see it set itself up for forks. Would Walt return? Would he find someplace else as departed as New Hampshire? The episode’s so packed, so full of action, I’m only going to illustrate comments from specific places. Then comments from forum chats, because everyone...

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  I’m writing to you from the perspective of someone who’s only read the Breaking Bad plot—not from an actual viewer. Shocking, I know. What’s more, I’m watching the new episode with both my parents, contemplating whether or not I should have given out car wash vouchers as giveaway prizes. The premiere, everyone. According to Twitter, the episode highlights ran as follows: 1. “Hello, Carol.” Besides tweeting the quote at the same moment as the official Breaking Bad twitter, Carol’s poor face looked pretty priceless when she got a glimpse of Walter again after so long. Don’t know why he...

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