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  Leonard and CBS bring out their respective “romance ninja” skills in the most endearing episode this season. Everyone toughs out their individual rocky road for the Valentines Day special. And I don’t mean hypochondriac ice cream-headache brain tumors. Leonard plans a simple and sweet Valentines Day evening with Penny, Howard and Bernadette, though more than a few things go awry…like always. Howard didn’t want his Assassin’s Creed-time sapped with chores enough to help his overworked wife, and Penny spies across the restaurant her ex-squeeze and ex-friend…soon to be double-crossed all on their own. Absorbed in their engagement, Penny blows...

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  If fashion wins your partner’s heart, check out the readily available T-shirts from the Cool TV Props store! I couldn’t decide between all the items which t-shirts would be best suited for your Valentine’s day—are you a Big Bang Theory nerd? A Barney Broski? Phoebe fan?—until I got a look at the collectable shirts under the F.R.I.E.N.D.S market. Let’s examine the hilarity. My personal recommendation goes to the You’re My Lobster t-shirt. Isn’t it adorable? Well-cut and flattering, it looks just right off the shoulders of any F.R.I.E.N.D. The website adds, “Is it true that lobsters mate for life...

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     As you’ve already noticed from my posting-spree, my eyes are glued on the blue French Horn for this coming February…but not the one hanging in the jazz-restaurant around the corner. I’d never ask my Valentine to steal establishment décor for my heart, but hey. Everyone has their own idea of romance. One person’s theft is another person’s treasure. For Ted Mosby, the French Horn remained in his and Robins’ possession for quite some time.And you? You can get a blue French Horn of your very own, for your friend or partner, come February—with no fear of criminal allegation....

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