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Just as Indy chose the Grail that didn’t shine as brightly on the outside, Ted might have picked the woman with a bit more to offer than he could handle. Unlike Indy, however…Ted is not Indy. Partway into the wedding and everyone’s coupling off. Barney gives his purported wise recommendations, but, on the other hand, he isn’t exactly the world’s best truth-teller. While Ted carts around Cassie’s emotional baggage (and didn’t Ellie Kemper do a great job?), Barney and Robin have to face the reverend with one more surprise out of their fedora: that to secure the church, they stole...

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I sat here for five minutes after the episode aired and tried to think of how it could metaphorically parallel pizza.I just made myself very hungry.  Lily made her angry face because she and Marshall, for the last six years and eight seasons, assumed Ted never got them a wedding present. Ted thinks, conversely, he got Lily and Marshall the one-tier-down coffee maker for their wedding present, and that he never received a Thank You Note.  But I mean, who really writes thank you notes? As it turned out, Marshall owed him the note, after an error by Stuart, and...

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Ted had to re-confront his feelings for Robin to prove his Best Man-ability—which proved more difficult than housing pigeons—and Robin had to try and make a “girl” friend to comfort Lily. Also more difficult than housing pigeons. To say nothing of Aunt Ina. The show fooled me with last week’s cliffhanger: “I saw you and Robin at the carousel.” I definitely thought it was going to be that easy.I…am gullible.Barney and Ted dissect their conflicts in the face of Judge Marshall and the Bro Code, when Barney reveals he saw Ted comfort Robin by the carousel. Do you deem it...

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