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This episode takes place three days following Robin and Barney Stinsons’ wedding (no word yet on if Robin takes his name or not), and Ted has asked the Mother out on their first first date. Yes, first first date. It’s still adorably awkward. I realize now that anyone but his future bride would have turned tail the second the words “Let me tell you the tale…” left his mouth. We have nine seasons’ proof.  This story, in succeeding most other stories (to leave room for the series finale’s big wedding ceremony), focuses on maybe-good-guy Gary Blauman. Gary Blauman. The man...

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We finally discover who was in the car with Lily. Or, rather, whose car it was at all. When Lily called none other than the Captain for help—and Ted was so close, too—she wasn’t calling for an emergency smoke break. No, she wasn’t even calling for someone to talk to. She was calling to confirm whether or not she would have another child she refused to make a consolation prize. For all those that thought Marshall getting his way seemed a little unfair, congrats: he, Lily, Marvin—and Daisy (two flower names, all)—will spend one year in Italy as a forever-family....

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Ted and the Mother might come to know each other’s stories, but—even if he shouldn’t live in those alone—the best stories can be told and heard again and again. Just like How I Met Your Mother reruns come the end of March. I’m a mess.  Robin’s both too cool for school and too cool for Lily on the morning of her wedding day and, despite Marshall’s half-hazard help, can’t wait for Robin to have her wedding “moment;” be it a hair raising (shaving) freak-out, or sentimental break down. Determined to coax the stereotype out of our heroine, Lily bombards Robin...

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As we learned while Ted and the Mother celebrate an evening of her future successes, Ted made a vow on the morning of Robin’s wedding, where Barney is suffering the mother of all hangovers. Pun intended. He pledged—as the rest pledged—not to get as drunk as Barney for the remainder of his life. Barney preceded the morning of the wedding with the drunken stupor that spanned the previous two episodes before the Winter Olympics hiatus. Now, leaving his friends with only the most cryptic memories of his family Hangover Elixir (circa 1941), the gang resorts to multiple tactics to wake...

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80’s montages kill me. After the drunken night following the last episode, Barney finds his way down the highway, accosts two losers—I mean, young men—and finds a strip club sooner than it takes Ted and Robin to find him again. He takes them on one last go-round the night before his wedding, ensuring protégé might exist in his place.But I wanted to be that bro in training. Also, it says so much when you realize he passed on the Playbook in sticky-note form. He had it memorized—although, perhaps, that in and of itself isn’t such a surprise. The most important...

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