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You know what life isn’t?Television. Perhaps I should have planned for this article somewhat later, after I had time to digest the passing of a wonderful nine-year series. But in my first reflections, both nostalgic and happy and melancholic and puzzled, I can argue to the best of my ability one thing for certain: season nine, implicitly, prepared us for the series finale. Because season nine prepared us for the moment. And to live in the moment. And not to follow Ted and his tragic-hero mantra of what-if’s. Because if Ted had spent the season asking, what-if? If the wedding...

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Robin lives through her long-time-coming wedding freak-out, Ted delivers the locket (but not in the way you think), Lily and Marshall renew their vows (for now), and Barney and Robin get married. It’s the second to last episode of How I Met Your Mother.  Admittedly, I didn’t think Ted went back into the water to fetch the locket in Central Park, but I was naïve enough to think Robin would believe that Barney found the locket and that would be that. Not a chance, not on THIS second to last episode before the whole series finale. After Robin gets the...

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This episode takes place three days following Robin and Barney Stinsons’ wedding (no word yet on if Robin takes his name or not), and Ted has asked the Mother out on their first first date. Yes, first first date. It’s still adorably awkward. I realize now that anyone but his future bride would have turned tail the second the words “Let me tell you the tale…” left his mouth. We have nine seasons’ proof.  This story, in succeeding most other stories (to leave room for the series finale’s big wedding ceremony), focuses on maybe-good-guy Gary Blauman. Gary Blauman. The man...

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As we learned while Ted and the Mother celebrate an evening of her future successes, Ted made a vow on the morning of Robin’s wedding, where Barney is suffering the mother of all hangovers. Pun intended. He pledged—as the rest pledged—not to get as drunk as Barney for the remainder of his life. Barney preceded the morning of the wedding with the drunken stupor that spanned the previous two episodes before the Winter Olympics hiatus. Now, leaving his friends with only the most cryptic memories of his family Hangover Elixir (circa 1941), the gang resorts to multiple tactics to wake...

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  Taking us back through all the seasons that were How I Met Your Mother and stitching them together again in under thirty minutes—I have to say CBS, did a pretty good job. The Mother probably wins out as among my favorite characters in the whole series, surely. Besides her questionable faith in the wrong MacLaren’s, one can easily discern where she matches and deviates from Ted in her own HIMYM subgroup. Did anyone peg the redhead as her “Marshall” or her “Barney?” She left me undecided. As for the story, I did not expect it to read as sad...

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