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Ted had to re-confront his feelings for Robin to prove his Best Man-ability—which proved more difficult than housing pigeons—and Robin had to try and make a “girl” friend to comfort Lily. Also more difficult than housing pigeons. To say nothing of Aunt Ina. The show fooled me with last week’s cliffhanger: “I saw you and Robin at the carousel.” I definitely thought it was going to be that easy.I…am gullible.Barney and Ted dissect their conflicts in the face of Judge Marshall and the Bro Code, when Barney reveals he saw Ted comfort Robin by the carousel. Do you deem it...

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  Quick, name the significance of MacLeran’s Irish pub. No, I’m not thinking about the 50-reasons-to-have-sex napkin. One How I Met Your Mother newbie realized the entire five-part main cast lived in “The Apartment” Lily and Marshall now share, the one previously espoused by Ted, then Robin. Let’s break down the cast and what they spent their hours (seasons) achieving in the two-bedroom-two-bathroom suite. Ted Mosby: The Apartment’s front-runner and renter for the first seven seasons. His original roommates, if you care to think back, were Lily and Marshall pre-engagement, back when Lily taught kindergarten and Marshall still studied law....

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     As you’ve already noticed from my posting-spree, my eyes are glued on the blue French Horn for this coming February…but not the one hanging in the jazz-restaurant around the corner. I’d never ask my Valentine to steal establishment décor for my heart, but hey. Everyone has their own idea of romance. One person’s theft is another person’s treasure. For Ted Mosby, the French Horn remained in his and Robins’ possession for quite some time.And you? You can get a blue French Horn of your very own, for your friend or partner, come February—with no fear of criminal allegation....

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