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This episode takes place three days following Robin and Barney Stinsons’ wedding (no word yet on if Robin takes his name or not), and Ted has asked the Mother out on their first first date. Yes, first first date. It’s still adorably awkward. I realize now that anyone but his future bride would have turned tail the second the words “Let me tell you the tale…” left his mouth. We have nine seasons’ proof.  This story, in succeeding most other stories (to leave room for the series finale’s big wedding ceremony), focuses on maybe-good-guy Gary Blauman. Gary Blauman. The man...

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The labor scenes helped me affirm what we already knew—that Ted found perfect, and they both found for keeps. The duo really seems to indicate they both accept each other’s faults. Meanwhile, Lily’s on her way out the door and into the passenger seat of a questionable future. Tell you what; the Farhampton Inn sure gets its share of business. Marked by their meeting, surely, Ted and his wife revisit the suite on the most esteemed—and unintentional—of days. The writers dotted the episode with flashbacks to the labor of their second son, Luke, first daughter Penny in tow on a...

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  I stayed busy over the weekend, researching articles, trying to find the best gossip and news for the end-of-season holiday interim. But then, I heard a story. One of my good friends, who shall remain nameless, found out she was Google-searched prior to a recent date! She insisted her unobtrusive date meant nothing by the search and, most interestingly of all, based off the advice of a certain award-winning sitcom.Sound familiar? That’d be because the plot came from the season 7-slammer, Mystery vs. History, of How I Met Your Mother. Sure, the Internet makes background-checks more familiar and routine....

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    This weekend, I was directed to a list of names Barney hypothetically would have given Ted Mosby’s moving truck, if he’d moved in with Robin during the second season of How I Met Your Mother. Despite the weaving challenges Barney supposed, and the use of “bro time” as blackmail (though the words “bro” and “fickle” really don’t go together, Barney), Ted and Robin inevitably decide not to move in together. What does that leave us with, besides one imminent option for “the mother” gone? Unused moving truck names. I now take full responsibility for sharing the less-than-poignant titles—very...

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    It’s the holiday season…and that means more clothing from Barney’s entrepreneurial line, of course. From the man you get your suitjamas and duck ties, Barney Stinson brings you…brobibs. For your business-casual, preppy, and “brobin Williams” looks! And then there was the thing about Ted missing a project in life, Robin not getting what she wanted, and Barney and Patrice, but. Those come second to the brobibs. Yet, even brobibs don’t quite top the very end of the episode, where we have another “a few years later” sneak peek. More on that in a minute. After lamenting many an...

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