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Professor Proton is back, Bill Nye tries to steal the show (let’s be real—he does), and Sheldon Cooper learns a little something about himself. This show addressed old problems from Season 1 and introduced brand-new dilemmas. Like Sheldon’s fresh restraining order.Why doesn’t Arthur just get a restraining order?  Sheldon spies Arthur (AKA, Professor Proton) in the pharmacy, oblivious to how their last meeting ended, and forces himself upon him unceremoniously. After the encounter, Amy tries to ease Sheldon into the idea that he might be a little…annoying. She can’t say as much—Sheldon annoyingly tries to make her—but he doesn’t need...

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I’d hedge a bet that this was the most endearing episode of Big Bang Theory this season—and can you believe we’re only on Episode 6? Everyone got a touch of romance. Well. Raj got his vicariously through Howard’s enjoyment, but. Anyway. There were many plots, twists, and a whole lot of quotes I feel like sharing (seriously, the writers were on their game tonight!). And so, excuse me while I relegate the rest to bullet point format: “When did we get to the Cheesecake Factory?” – Sheldon Howard’s writing a song to celebrate his first date with Bernadette, Sheldon’s headlong...

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  Ladies in Vegas and boys in…dungeons. Or is it? This episode had boys, booze, and barely any rules, and left your blogger a gaping, screaming mess. As you might have guessed through my second regular liveblog. When the girls’ night in Vegas falls through, they join everyone but Raj in one crazy game of—you guessed it—Dungeons and Dragons. Howard tries the Dungeon Master title on for size and knocks Sheldon’s socks off (real goosebumps!). I guess this puts Howard in the league of Zachary Quinto, though not as impressionable as, say, Nicolas Cage or Al Pacino or Christopher Walken....

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  While CBS gives way to March Madness, I’m sitting over here elbow-deep in characters off their own rockers: parents. Big Bang Theory parents, specifically. What do we know about the harping Hofstadters and caging Coopers? Do we ever really want to meet Raj’s family outside a Skype screen? The lowdown on what we know—and don’t—of our sitcom stars’ hometown broods. Leonard Hofstadter: Ah, yes, the son of Ebenezer himself. He never saw a birthday cake, nor Christmas tree, growing up, thanks to his mother Dr. Beverly Hofstadter’s practices. Accomplished psychiatrist and neuroscientist, she concentrated his childhood into a series...

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